First post for the course – CDPR108 week one

A little behind the times but eventually I get there.

Here begins my first of 13 posts for the Chang School of Continuing Education course CDPR108. I’ve never taken an online course but I think it’s appropriate considering the course is about social media – or rather the social web as I have discovered from reading the textbook.

Although I am of the generation that started using computers in their every day life I’ve always been a little slow at catching on to this thing they call “the world wide web.” I have a Facebook account but don’t post to it and only last month did I start using Twitter (though admittedly, I get excited about using Twitter whenever I think of something to post). To be honest, I only started to use Twitter because I thought I should get to know it for my job and for that same reason decided to take CDPR108. I’m looking forward to learning all sorts of platforms that I am oblivious to and seeing how I can use them to my advantage, or rather, to my organization’s advantage. I’m a little nervous that I might get overwhelmed at what’s out there but no venture no gain.


About ecarter

I am currently pursuing a certificate in public relations and have started this blog as a project for one of my courses. Here I will make an attempt at writing thoughts and ideas about communication/public relation topics proposed by my professor. Hopefully, upon completion of my course, I will be able to have my own topics to comment on through researching current trends in the PR community.

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