Week Two – Promoted tweets, accounts and trends

As mentioned in my first post Twitter is a new experience for me but it comes as no surprise that a company can pay to have their products/information promoted to Twitter users. Although I’ve yet to see any promotions (or at least see any in the form that Twitter says it identifies promoted items) it’s understandable why any company would consider paying for the services provided by Twitter as it’s a means to reach a lot of people.

First, learning the difference between a promoted tweet, a promoted account and a promoted trend took a minute for me to understand (as I said before, I’m a little behind the times, but I get there) but once straightened out I formed the opinion that any of these options could be advantageous, it just depends on the company and what it is they need to promote.

Promoting a tweet: This seems to be a great way to get a short term announcement to as many people as possible, not just those who show an active interest in the company. For example, an organization is holding a “best mom in the world” essay competition for Mother’s Day with the winning prize being a trip for two to a fancy spa and tweets the entry information to it’s followers. Sure it’s great to let all of its followers know but what’s even better is getting the information to even more people which is where the promoted tweet would be handy. Someone who looks up “family,” “travel” or “R&R” could be targeted and *poof* there is the tweet that gives the competition information, that someone clicks to go to the website and all of a sudden s/he is learning about the organization.

Promoting an account: I feel that an organization just starting out could make the best use of this type of promotion. Similar to what Facebook offers, an organization can pay a certain amount to increase the amount of followers they have. If an organization is new it’s a challenge to get noticed so it seems like a worthwhile investment to promote a twitter account which enables conversations with people and getting the word out about the new business.

Promoting a trend: How can an organization not want to promote a conversation about their product? This is a great way to lead into the launch of a new product. Just look up #smashbros and the amount of conversations is incredible! The game doesn’t even come out in North America for another two weeks but the trend has been tweeted about for months! Granted, a fan favourite Nintendo game might be a bit of an extreme example but nonetheless it does show that a trend can last for a long time, even past the product launch date.

But it always comes down to the big question: is the cost worth it? In my opinion the answer for all three promotion opportunities is yes. If an organization has a budget for promotion then this is as good as any place to invest some of that money as long as the organization has a plan. Nowadays people are constantly on the move and Twitter caters to that community on the go. To stay with the community you have to be able to keep up with it and investing in Twitter would help.


About ecarter

I am currently pursuing a certificate in public relations and have started this blog as a project for one of my courses. Here I will make an attempt at writing thoughts and ideas about communication/public relation topics proposed by my professor. Hopefully, upon completion of my course, I will be able to have my own topics to comment on through researching current trends in the PR community.

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